Acoustic Guitar Microphone Active Pickup Pick-up Transducer for Folk Classical Guitar Guzheng Box Drum

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The microphone picks up the sound and is close to the human ear. Natural tone, clear and not harsh.
The microphone's universal arm can be freely adjusted to allow you to personalize the installation and positioning.
MCV is an active pickup that requires 9V battery power. (The battery is not included.)
2 * RCA interfaces for connecting piezo, patch, and sound holes pickup to upgrade the pickup to dual or triple pickup system.
Suitable for a variety of instruments, such as folk guitar, classical guitar, box drum, guzheng, etc.
Material: Metal
Power Supply: 9V, 100mA Battery(not included)
Package Size: 19.3 * 13.6 * 6.6cm/ 7.6 * 5.4 * 2.6in
Package Weight: 365g/ 12.9oz
The piezo pickup, patch pickup and sound hole pickup showed in the picture are not included.
Package list:
1 * Microphone Pickup

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